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San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors

Dr. Rojelio E Solano DC, CME

Dr. Solano was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. He performed his undergraduate studies locally at St. Mary’s University and after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology went on to Parker University to begin his chiropractic studies. While at Parker University he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Anatomy, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness and completed his studies with a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.

Dr. Solano began working with experienced chiropractors immediately after graduation. In addition to honing his chiropractic skills, Dr. Solano is a trained physician for Decompression Therapy, Private Insurance, Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation and Medicare.

Dr. Solano opened his first clinic, on the Southside of San Antonio, minutes away from where he grew up and went to school. In addition to chiropractic care, the main focus of the clinic is Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury. Dr. Solano understands the difficulty, frustration, and change that accompanies a serious injury and what it is like to have an injured family member suffering with pain undergo the entire process of rehabilitation. Dr. Solano takes great pride in helping injured patients get the help they need to get back to a normal life. Giving back to his community has been a lifelong goal of Dr. Solano.

In conjunction with his brother and sister-in-law, San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors opened in the Northside of San Antonio. San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors offers many services to the community, in addition to rehabilitation services such as Personal Injury, Auto Injury, and Worker’s Compensation, the clinic offers General Chiropractic, Wellness Chiropractic (maintenance adjustments), Massage Therapy, and Lipo Laser services for non-invasive body contouring to the people of San Antonio and the Hill Country Village area.

Dr. Solano has an experienced network of physicians and health professionals in San Antonio and throughout Texas. Together they are reducing pain and improving the lives of many. Dr. Solano would really enjoy getting to know you, please come by and allow him the opportunity to meet you!


(210) 446-5115

Medical Treatment Options

San Antonio Pain & Injury Doctors offer a variety of treatment options to control or alleviate your pain including chiropractic services, medical massage therapy and more.

Therapy Benefits on Pain

Objective injury analysis, pain management and diagnostic techniques of your injuries can aid you on your road to live without pain. Your road to recovery begins here.

Free Injury Consultation

San Antonio Pain & Injury Doctors offers a free consult of your worker's compensation injury, car accident injury or slip and falls where you sustained injuries.

Your Injury Care Begins Here!

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We offer a complete line of pain management services:

Car Accident Injury
Slip and Fall Injury
Sports Injury
Worker's Compensation
General Chiropractic
Diagnostice Testing
School Physicals

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