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A beginner’s guide to Workers' Compensation – Notifying your employer and filing a claim

workers compensationYou have been injured at work. You can’t perform your normal work activities because of your injury or you are in constant pain when you work.

Now what? Who is going to pay the bills? What can I do if I can’t work? Will I be fired? These are the first things that go through the minds of many patients who have been injured on the job.

Workers' Compensation cases are time sensitive and the details of the process are important. If you don’t start your claim off properly, it will affect you and your benefits.

Step 1. Notifying your employer of your workplace injury

You must report your injury to your employer within 30 days from the date of the injury, or from the date you knew your injury or illness was related to your job. Fill out any necessary paperwork related to your claim with your employer right away. Make sure write down who you spoke to and the date and time. We are aware of many cases where an injured worker informs their managers, but does not document the conversation or perform any paperwork and several weeks or months later, the managers have no recollection of the conversation or the meeting. If possible follow up any conversation with an email confirming the conversation and capturing the details of the discussion. This is also a good time to get a folder and begin filing anything related to your injury and case.

If you do not notify your employer within these 30 days, you may lose your right to obtain benefits.

Step 2. Filing a claim to the Division of Workers' Compensation

You must send a completed Employee's Claim for Compensation for a Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease (DWC Form-041) to the Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers' Compensation (TDI-DWC) within one (1) year of the date of injury to protect your rights. Candlewoood Pain and Injury Doctors can help you with this form, as it can sometimes confuse first time patients. It is important to fill out the form correctly the first time or it will get rejected weeks later when it is reviewed by the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Any errors will require re-submission and will delay your case. This will delay your ability to receive treatment from physician and get the services you need. The sooner you can get these basic steps taken care of, the better your odds will be of having your case accepted and your treatment approved.

Once we have taken care of these first 2 steps, you are on the way to having your claim approved and getting the help you need to get better. Very little can be done for you until you have first reported your injury to your employer and the Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers' Compensation. If you have not reported your claim please make it your priority, if you need help with the process please Candlewood Pain and Injury Doctors a call at (210) 446-5115.

Do not be afraid to report your injury to your employer. You are protected!

It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against you for filing a workers' compensation claim. If you believe you are being treated unfairly by your employer, please contact us and we can give you the guidance you need. We can help you get in touch with the proper professionals to ensure you are given the care and treatment you are entitled to.

You are not in this alone. We help many injured workers just like you get through this troubling time. Many Doctor’s shy away from Work Injuries because they are unfamiliar with the process, but at Candlewood Pain and Injury Doctor’s we specialize in workplace injuries and deal with them every day. Our specialist are waiting to help you. Still have questions?

Call us today for a no risk Free Consultation (210) 446-5115.

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