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How to Find a DOT Physical Exam Doctor Near Me

commercial drivers license physical examMedical Examiner Certificate Renewal

It’s that time of year again, you have received notification that you need to renew your commercial driver’s license if you want to keep performing your trucking, bus, or similar commercial job. Probably seems like it was that long ago since you last had the perform the exam. The Department of Transportation requires that every commercial driver maintain an active Medical Examiner’s Certificate. For most the DOT Physical Exam is valid for 24 months but if you have a condition the needs monitoring such as high blood pressure your medical examiner may issue a certificate for less time, often about a year or so.

Where are the physicians?

You may have noticed that it is more difficult to find a medical examiner than it past years. That is because not only can’t every physician perform the Department of Transportation Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Exam anymore. Recently the medical examiner requirements have become more thorough. Qualified medical examiners must be certified to new national standards. Effective April 20, 2016, your examiner must be registered and approved by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. 

Locating Doctors through NRCME

Although there are fewer physicians able to perform the test you still should not have trouble finding a qualified physician unless perhaps you live in a rural area without many physicians to begin with. To find a physician near you, you can go to National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME)

Independent Doctor or Medical Group

What are the benefits of having your examination performed by an independent doctor as compared to seeing a large group of physicians or a large medical group?  The most significant differences will be cost and availability.  Most independent doctors have lower overhead costs such as lower rent, marketing, and management expenses. Their lower expenses allow them to perform your physical examination at a more affordable price.  Smaller clinics also have more availability because they are less focused on other services and more focused on the specific services you need. 

Scheduling Physical in San Antonio

San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors are available to meet your examination needs. Our team of examiners offer DOT Physical Services into the evening to accommodate those drivers who work full days and only have evenings available to get their exams completed.  We also offer same day appointments to drivers who need to get an exam performed right away. 

Additional Exam Fees

Many drivers ask us if we charge me more if they cannot pass the test or need additional tests. We do our best to educate drivers about the new regulations and physical requirements before and after the examination.  Larger clinics have more to benefit if additional tests are run and you are found to need an extra service offered by that clinic.  Sine independent doctors are not reliant on other services, they only order tests that are necessary to determine if a driver is physically fit to perform the duties of driving a commercial motor vehicle.  If for some reason you need additional documentation in order to receive your license and you return a different day to complete your examination, we will not charge you a second fee for seeing the doctor.  This is just one more reason to see a NRCME Physician at San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors. 

Visiting San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors

We are easily accessible in San Antonio, located directly on San Pedro Avenue otherwise known as US Highway 281. We offer an oversized parking lot for your large trucks. We will do our best to take care you.  Come and visit us when it is convenient for you, it is our goal to have you driving for your company and earning a living for your family as soon as possible.

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