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Tips on How to Find the Best Medical Examiner for Your DOT Exam

When going for the DOT physical exams, it is important that you go to an approved and licensed medical examiner or clinic. This will ensure that you get the right DOT certificate and also be issued with a DOT Card, for instance, the Texas Commercial Driver’s License Medical card. The following are tips on how to find the best medical examiner for your DOT exam:

Reputation is important

It is essential to find out the reputation of that particular medical examiner before selecting him or her as your preferred examiner. This information can be found from the doctors’ past clients or you can find the information in form of reviews from the examiner’s website. When looking for reviews ensure that the reviews are written by real people and they should have 4 or 5 stars. They should also be current or latest reviews.

Go for a doctor that does not keep you waiting

Doctors or medical examiner’s offices normally mean well; unfortunately, some doctors tend to try and fix urgent visits into an already packed schedule. This usually causes delays and postponements. It is important to go to doctors that are more considerate of your time as client. They should build extra spaces for emergency cases into the daily schedule without inconveniencing other people.

Get recommendations from family members, friends and colleagues

This is one of the best ways of finding a good DOT examiner in San Antonio, TX. The simplest way to finding people who can give you recommendations is by thinking of anyone who drives a commercial vehicle near you. It is undeniable that they have all visited a DOT examiner. Therefore ask them about their experiences with the different examiners and make an informed choice.


A doctor’s credentials are very important. Through the credentials you will be able to understand whether you are being served by a qualified and registered examiner or not. All DOT examiners must be licensed and approved by the Department of Transportation to offer the exams. Additionally, you can verify the clinic’s or the examiner’s license to operate as a doctor from the state medical board.

Finding a good DOT examiner means that you will get the best services and your DOT results will be given to you in the shortest time possible. The San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors in San Antonio, TX are some of the best DOT examiners in Texas. Visit them and get your Texas Commercial Driver’s license medical card.

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