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Tips on How to Find the Best Medical Examiner for Your DOT Exam

When going for the DOT physical exams, it is important that you go to an approved and licensed medical examiner or clinic. This will ensure that you get the right DOT certificate and also be issued with a DOT Card, for instance, the Texas Commercial Driver’s License Medical card. The following are tips on how to find the best medical examiner for your DOT exam:

Reputation is important

It is essential to find out the reputation of that particular medical examiner before selecting him or her as your preferred examiner. This information can be found from the doctors’ past clients or you can find the information in form of reviews from the examiner’s website. When looking for reviews ensure that the reviews are written by real people and they should have 4 or 5 stars. They should also be current or latest reviews.

Go for a doctor that does not keep you waiting

Doctors or medical examiner’s offices normally mean well; unfortunately, some doctors tend to try and fix urgent visits into an already packed schedule. This usually causes delays and postponements. It is important to go to doctors that are more considerate of your time as client. They should build extra spaces for emergency cases into the daily schedule without inconveniencing other people.

Get recommendations from family members, friends and colleagues

This is one of the best ways of finding a good DOT examiner in San Antonio, TX. The simplest way to finding people who can give you recommendations is by thinking of anyone who drives a commercial vehicle near you. It is undeniable that they have all visited a DOT examiner. Therefore ask them about their experiences with the different examiners and make an informed choice.


A doctor’s credentials are very important. Through the credentials you will be able to understand whether you are being served by a qualified and registered examiner or not. All DOT examiners must be licensed and approved by the Department of Transportation to offer the exams. Additionally, you can verify the clinic’s or the examiner’s license to operate as a doctor from the state medical board.

Finding a good DOT examiner means that you will get the best services and your DOT results will be given to you in the shortest time possible. The San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors in San Antonio, TX are some of the best DOT examiners in Texas. Visit them and get your Texas Commercial Driver’s license medical card.

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Different Services offered by Chiropractors

When conventional method are limited for relieving individuals from various physical as well as psychological discomfort, Chiropractics is applied as an alternative treatment for quick remission. This is a one-stop treatment to boost the nervous systems and stop the back pain that is mainly caused by tilting postures, car accidents, slip and fall, and ergonomic issues.

More than medication of any type, medical massage therapy is often recommended for the extreme back pain, sprains in the joints and pain in any other body part. By appointing a Qualified Chiropractor, patients can rid the pain they are suffering from. The professionals know how to move their fingers on the spinal cord – the main weapon of the nervous system to fix the discomforts clients are going through.

What Chiropractors do-

  • Prompt on-site rehab services
  • Second opinions for the patients with serious conditions
  • Immediate medical support and treatment for the injured
  • Quick diagnosis, instant treatment of worker’s injury
  • Providing test services like Scans, X-rays, MRIs, and Medication for injury and pain
  • Communication with the patients, employers, coordinators, and case managers

Worker’s Compensation Program

Qualified chiropractors are dedicated to offering the optimum treatment to workers. The injuries and disorders of workers are worsened in the harsh work environment. Most of the time, they leave the health condition untreated allowing numbness, tingling, and pain to cotinue. Because of the constant physical discomfort, the work productivity of the company for which they work also gets hampered.

Usually, chiropractors work as a team when serving for the Workers compensation program- an insurance providing, wage replacement, and medical support to injured employees under the rules of the Federal Labor Law. The doctors are well aware of the law and serve the patients within legal barriers.

Car Accident

Auto accidents are unpredictable. Even the best drivers can come across with the dire consequences while driving cautiously. Along with causing severe damage to your vehicle, the accidents leave a long lasting discomfort in your body also. Even after recovering from the external wounds you can feel the effects of the pain that remain inside your body for a long period of time. Serious spinal injuries or pain in joints or other parts of the body have no medication. It is mainly treated with therapies and chiropractic care specifically designed for rehabilitation treatment.

Slip and fall pain treatment

Like car accidents, slip and fall accidents are also unpredictable. Sometimes it causes terrible debilitating consequences, resulting in personal injuries. Injured people are often in need of professional help of a chiropractor that can help fixing the discomfort with their Midas touch in the spinal cord.

Chiropractors can also locate the ‘epicenter’ of the pain and heal the area of the body with their quintessential massage techniques. Most of the time, the patients leaves the office of the chiropractor with a big smile of relief.

Author’s Bio

Dr. Rojelio Solano D.C is a celebrated chiropractor in the San Antonio area of Texas. He is a passionate blogger and his topics mainly roam among accident injury, Private Insurance, Decompression Therapy, Worker’s Compensation and Massage therapies.

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How Chiropractic Care Eases the Three Most Common Types of Back Pain

Chiropractic care eases most common types of back painDo you suffer with back pain? Well, you’re not alone. According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work, and the second most common reason for visiting a doctor (only behind upper respiratory infections).

Why is back pain so common? There is more than one answer to that question. A large number of back pain patients suffer because of the following three reasons:

They have suffered a back injury

Individuals can hurt their backs by lifting heavy objects, overexerting themselves, or moving the wrong way. The muscles and ligaments in the back can be twisted and damaged.

Back pain that is the result of a recent injury is called acute pain, meaning it comes on suddenly. Acute pain is usually temporary, so when the injury heals, the pain lessens or disappears completely. Over the counter medications such as analgesics, topical creams, and anti-inflammatory drugs help manage back pain caused from an injury but don’t necessary fix the problem.

Chiropractic care is another way to lessen acute pain and feel more comfortable. By adjusting the spine, chiropractors can relax the muscles, and relieve acute pain faster than simply "suffering through" the injury.

They battle a medical condition or illness

Unfortunately, there are several illnesses that can cause back pain. Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, inflammatory diseases of the joints, and scoliosis are some of the common conditions that cause back pain. Because the conditions create pain that lasts longer periods of time, this type of pain is considered to be chronic pain.

Chronic pain is an entirely different animal than acute pain, and patients who suffer with it often look for options outside of traditional medication. Chiropractic care is an excellent choice in dealing with chronic back pain.

Adjustments to the spine can promote healing in all areas of a person's body, as well as provide relief from the pain. Chiropractic care for medical conditions sometimes takes a bit longer to show results, so the patient must be committed to the treatment plan the chiropractor suggests in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of chiropractic.

They have made poor lifestyle choices

Decisions we make can affect our health, either negatively or positively. Being overweight, avoiding an exercise routine, and smoking can result in health issues that cause back pain.

  • Additional weight puts extra stress on an individual's back that can eventually cause pain.
  • Smoking is a habit that has many negative consequences, including increasing the chances for back pain. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), smoking can cause a lack of nutrients which affects the back's discs. In addition, people who smoke tend to heal slower, so smoking can actually increase the length of time a person must endure back pain.
  • Exercise increases a person's strength in muscles and tendons, and a sedentary lifestyle weakens a person's body, often bringing on back pain, as well as other health issues.

Chiropractic care can assist in lessening a patients back pain, which then hopefully leads to better lifestyle choices.

Feeling better often prompts patients to embark on a fitness routine, eat healthier, and quit smoking. Exercise regimens that include strength training can positively impact a person's health in a number of ways, including back pain reduction.

Millions of people struggle with back pain on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to treat both the symptoms and the underlying causes. Chiropractic care either by itself or in a combination with other treatments is one of the best choices available today.

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How to Find a DOT Physical Exam Doctor Near Me

commercial drivers license physical examMedical Examiner Certificate Renewal

It’s that time of year again, you have received notification that you need to renew your commercial driver’s license if you want to keep performing your trucking, bus, or similar commercial job. Probably seems like it was that long ago since you last had the perform the exam. The Department of Transportation requires that every commercial driver maintain an active Medical Examiner’s Certificate. For most the DOT Physical Exam is valid for 24 months but if you have a condition the needs monitoring such as high blood pressure your medical examiner may issue a certificate for less time, often about a year or so.

Where are the physicians?

You may have noticed that it is more difficult to find a medical examiner than it past years. That is because not only can’t every physician perform the Department of Transportation Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Exam anymore. Recently the medical examiner requirements have become more thorough. Qualified medical examiners must be certified to new national standards. Effective April 20, 2016, your examiner must be registered and approved by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. 

Locating Doctors through NRCME

Although there are fewer physicians able to perform the test you still should not have trouble finding a qualified physician unless perhaps you live in a rural area without many physicians to begin with. To find a physician near you, you can go to National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME)

Independent Doctor or Medical Group

What are the benefits of having your examination performed by an independent doctor as compared to seeing a large group of physicians or a large medical group?  The most significant differences will be cost and availability.  Most independent doctors have lower overhead costs such as lower rent, marketing, and management expenses. Their lower expenses allow them to perform your physical examination at a more affordable price.  Smaller clinics also have more availability because they are less focused on other services and more focused on the specific services you need. 

Scheduling Physical in San Antonio

San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors are available to meet your examination needs. Our team of examiners offer DOT Physical Services into the evening to accommodate those drivers who work full days and only have evenings available to get their exams completed.  We also offer same day appointments to drivers who need to get an exam performed right away. 

Additional Exam Fees

Many drivers ask us if we charge me more if they cannot pass the test or need additional tests. We do our best to educate drivers about the new regulations and physical requirements before and after the examination.  Larger clinics have more to benefit if additional tests are run and you are found to need an extra service offered by that clinic.  Sine independent doctors are not reliant on other services, they only order tests that are necessary to determine if a driver is physically fit to perform the duties of driving a commercial motor vehicle.  If for some reason you need additional documentation in order to receive your license and you return a different day to complete your examination, we will not charge you a second fee for seeing the doctor.  This is just one more reason to see a NRCME Physician at San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors. 

Visiting San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors

We are easily accessible in San Antonio, located directly on San Pedro Avenue otherwise known as US Highway 281. We offer an oversized parking lot for your large trucks. We will do our best to take care you.  Come and visit us when it is convenient for you, it is our goal to have you driving for your company and earning a living for your family as soon as possible.

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Chiropractic Manipulation to Reduce Lower Back Pain

backache 1620045 639x442

Lower Back Pain Impact


Lower back pain is one of the most commonly listed reasons for Americans to miss work. It is estimated that low back pain will affect 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives. While many people experience only temporary low back pain, there are a great deal of people who end up having chronic low back pain which can last months to years. While back pain can vary from person to person, it should be noted that back pain affects productivity and lost wages in the billions of dollars.

Are Chiropractor Manipulations safe?

Yes. When performed by a licensed and trained physician, the procedure is remarkably safe. Spinal manipulations are one of the most common treatments for lower back is chiropractic manipulation. According to the Washington Post approximately 20 million Americans receive treatment from chiropractors each year. In addition, spinal manipulations are used by more than just chiropractors. Osteopathic physicians, naturopathic physicians, physical therapists and some medical doctors use this technique to address spinal pain.

Are Chiropractor Manipulations effective?

Studies have shown that spinal manipulations can provide mild to moderate relief from low back pain and should be considered when low back pain does not improve with self-care. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that spinal manipulation was more effective than placebo and as effective as medication in reducing low back pain intensity.

Can Chiropractors help with Acute and Chronic Back Pain?

Yes. Patients who have been suffering from low back pain for a short period of time can benefit from self-care, non-drug therapies and spinal manipulation.

Chiropractic treatment better than drugs

Chronic Pain sufferers should be informed that long-term use of opioid drugs usually do not improve patient function. Lower back chronic pain sufferers would more than likely benefit from rehabilitative therapies such as physiotherapy exercise and spinal manipulations. There are many other factors that can affect the outcome of low back pain such as psychological and social factors, but spinal manipulations and therapy have the greatest success of improving function and reducing pain.

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How Chiropractors Can Relieve Back Pain

san antonio chiropractorThe back takes on a heavy load every day. Virtually any activity from walking, to carrying items, to the force of a car accident has an impact on your back. The back consists of an intricate network of bones, muscles, and ligaments that take the brunt of your daily activity.

Although your back is one of the strongest systems in your body, it is also one of the most susceptible network of your body because it is so flexible and supports so much of your body’s movement. Among all injured people, back injuries make up a large percentage of those injured. In high impact situations, such as fall and auto accidents, the back along with the neck makeup the most injured areas.

Due to its intricate network of connections, the back is particularly vulnerable to injury. According to WebMD your spine or backbone is made of 33 bones and tissue extending from the skull to the pelvis. Injury to any one of these bones or tissues can cause significant discomfort or pain. Other movable joints within the body such as the shoulders, neck, and elbows have a limited amount of weight they support. The back is unique in that almost every typical daily movement involves significant weight on your spinal cord and back. The constants force and pressure your back endures leaves it extremely vulnerable to stress, pain, and ultimately injury.

The multiple tissues within back muscles, tendons, and ligaments are often injured from excessive use, repetitive strain, falls, and many types of accidents. Since the back plays a consistent role in our daily lives it can often be difficult to treat. Many physicians are not prepared to treat back injuries, but Chiropractic Doctors are specially trained to identify back issues and quickly determine how to treat and heal them.

Causes of back pain and injury

Back pain can be caused by numerous activities. Excessive use of the back without proper rest and treatment can lead to pain. Accidents at work or in automobiles are some of the most common causes of injury. Typically even injuries to other parts of the body such as whiplash can radiate pain into the back. Back injuries are also often seen in athletes who apply extreme force to their body and joints.

Any repetitive type activity can cause discomfort or injury to the back. Football players, soccer players, weightlifters are all extremely vulnerable to pain and injury.

In addition to athletes, even people who perform seemingly routine activities are very susceptible to back injury. Work environments that call for repetitive motion or strenuous back activity are at high risk. Delivery personnel, bus and truck drivers, and service personnel such as waiters who consistently carry trays commonly experience discomfort and pain in their backs.

Avoiding back pain

Back pain can be avoided with care. Before performing activities that involve abnormal repetition or place strain on the back, the back should be stretched and flexed to ensure it is ready for the stress it is about to endure. Additionally one should limit placing excessive stress on the back, for example if transporting heavy boxes, you should limit the number of boxes you carry on each trip.

If you do begin to feel back pain, you should take steps to resolve the problem as soon as possible. New aggravations and injuries in your back usually respond will to cold therapy and chiropractic treatment. Seeing a chiropractor sooner rather than later can help identify the source of the pain early on and provide remedies to prevent further injury and resolve pain. Not addressing your back pain can lead to serious injury.

Chiropractic care for back pain and injury

Chiropractic treatment is extremely beneficial for pain and injury to the back. Chiropractic care helps relieve pain, increase range of motion, improve flexibility, and reset your back to its optimal function.

At San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors we offer free consultations to anyone having back pain or discomfort. Our chiropractors will explain thoroughly the benefits of chiropractic care for your situation and discuss potentially options to alleviate your pain. Multiple chiropractic techniques are known to be consistently effective for various types of back pain. Chiropractic care is often favored over other treatments because it performed externally to the body, it is extremely productive, and is very safe and tolerated by the injured person.

As with any type of injury, rest of the back goes a long way in helping your body recover. Together chiropractic care and rest are often an ideal combination to having a health body and back. With the back playing such an important function in the body, it is important to give it the attention it needs to recover.

Chiropractic is the preferred treatment for back injuries because it is minimally invasive and extremely effective at relieving pain. When you have a back injury you may also begin to notice that you have pain and discomfort other parts of the body as well, this is often noticed as discomfort in the neck or pain radiating through the arms to the hands or through the legs to the feet. A San Antonio Chiropractor care can provide treatment for your back as well as treatment for pain in other parts of your body.

If you are suffering from pain or discomfort, please see a professional for help. Many times relief is easier thank you think. If you are in the San Antonio area and would like a free consultation please feel free to contact our Doctors of Chiropractic at 210-446-5115.

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Should I hire an attorney after a car accident?

There are a lot of questions that go through your mind when you are in a car accident. What am I going to do? Who is going to fix my car? Who is going to pay my medical bills? What do I do next? Do I need a personal injury attorney?

The process is confusing, but we make it simple. Our Personal Injury Doctors, we do everything we can to assist our patients with the entire process. There are two routes that most patients choose when dealing with an auto accident injury.

  1. Representing yourself directly with all insurance companies involved.
  2. Acquiring attorneys to represent your interests.

Both options come with positives and negatives. The choice is up to you, but there are a few things that you should consider. Most prevalent will be the severity of your accident. If there is hardly any damage and you are not in any pain, it may benefit you deal directly with your auto accident insurer. This will be because the property damage from the car accident will be very low and your medical bills may be very low. There should be hardly any hassle getting your case resolved. Before you make this decision though, you should be checked by a car accident doctor to ensure you are fine.

Now, if your property damage is severe or you are in significant pain then the attorney route may be the best option for you. With medical bills and damage being higher in cost, you may need help dealing with insurance companies as sometimes insurances companies attempt to have you accept a lower amount to cover your bills. If you have never been in a car accident before, it may be in your best interest to have an attorney ensure that you costs are covered and that you get the medical attention you deserve.

Our Car Accident Doctors can provide you with a free health exam that can help you decide which option is be best for you. Our initial consultation is always at no cost to you.

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