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San Antonio Pain and Injury Doctors is the premier Chiropractic Practice in North Central San Antonio. Our Chiropractors focus on all type of acute and chronic injuries and pain, and provide a variety of treatments and rehabilitative services. We are inspired to help you with your pain and injuries and we will be there for you every step of the way on your road to recovery.

At 3,000 square feet our clinic is larger than most and was built new in 2015 so we have all the space and modern amenities you need for your treatment. Our staff has over 25 years of chiropractic and rehabilitation experience. Our physicians and therapist have treated patients throughout the United States and have studied at the best health and wellness chiropractic schools in the country. There is not an injury they have not seen and do not know how to treat.

Dedicated to treating your injuries

It is our goal to get you healthy again so we work harder than other physicians. We truly enjoy spending time with each of our patients to understand their situation and get them the treatment they need. We treat all types of injuries and we specialize in neck and back, personal injury, auto accident injuries, and worker's compensation injuries.We are passionate to offer the best service and experience.

Every person and injury is different so our chiropractors provide you with customized treatment plans. We provide free consultations and thoroughly explain the care we can provide to you before treatment begins. Our team works directly with you to ensure you get the most out of your chiropractic adjustment, treatment and therapy so you can get better and back to life. We have very reasonable rates and treat both insurance and non-insurance patients. We use advanced methods to gather objective data to prove your injuries, track your progress, and ensure your insurance company approves the treatment you deserve. Speak with one of our professionals today.

It is very common for our chiropractors to treat neck and back injuries of all types of patients, whether young or old, active or inactive. In most situations you will see improvement in just one visit and you will be feeling significantly better after a few visits. Treatment from a chiropractor is one of the few widely accepted non-invasive treatments for neck and back injuries and is remarkably safe. Many of our treatments combine massage therapy from a professionally licensed massage therapist to relax injured muscles, increase range of motion, and provide long term pain relief!

Auto Accident Physicians

While many physicians shy away from personal injury accidents, we are eager to help. Injured in an auto accident? Let us take care of you. Our physicians are trained in treating auto injuries and working with auto accident attorneys. We can get you the therapy, x-rays and MRI's you need for your case and get you feeling better again. No attorney yet, no problem. We work with several of the largest and most reputable attorneys in the state of Texas and we can provide you with the information you need to select an attorney that is best for you.

Injured at work? Our physicians are some of the few that know exactly how to provide treatment to worker compensation patients. The Texas Workers Compensation Laws are complicated and not all physicians understand the process well enough to get you the treatment you deserve. Workers face numerous challenges after suffering on the job injuries, many are unable to perform their previous duties or return to work. Work injuries may result in costly medical bills and loss of wages. If you or a family member has suffered work injuries, you can receive benefits by filing a worker's compensation claim and working with a physician that can manage your case to get you back to work. Let us help you with your claim. Seek help as soon as possible, delays may impact your case. We provide examinations with a physician right away to start your treatment and document your injuries.

When injured at work it is important that you to speak with a knowledgeable worker's compensation doctor. Our doctors are experts in workers' compensation and will manage your treatment from beginning to end. We know the process can be overwhelming and we are here to answer any question you have.

Our physicians are also trained in getting you advanced care for significant injuries. When you need specialized treatment we provide you with advanced programs such as work conditioning, work hardening, and chronic pain treatments.

We are conveniently located at San Pedro Avenue between Thousand Oaks and Brook Hollow at the Village Pointe Center, and have late hours. Please call (210) 446-5115 or come by for a free consultation and together we can get you feeling great again.

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Should I hire an attorney after a car accident?

There are a lot of questions that go through your mind when you are in a car accident. What am I going to do? Who is going to fix my car? Who is going to pay my medical bills? What do I do next? Do I need a personal injury attorney?

The process is confusing, but we make it simple. Our Personal Injury Doctors, we do everything we can to assist our patients with the entire process. There are two routes that most patients choose when dealing with an auto accident injury.

  1. Representing yourself directly with all insurance companies involved.
  2. Acquiring attorneys to represent your interests.

Both options come with positives and negatives. The choice is up to you, but there are a few things that you should consider. Most prevalent will be the severity of your accident. If there is hardly any damage and you are not in any pain, it may benefit you deal directly with your auto accident insurer. This will be because the property damage from the car accident will be very low and your medical bills may be very low. There should be hardly any hassle getting your case resolved. Before you make this decision though, you should be checked by a car accident doctor to ensure you are fine.

Now, if your property damage is severe or you are in significant pain then the attorney route may be the best option for you. With medical bills and damage being higher in cost, you may need help dealing with insurance companies as sometimes insurances companies attempt to have you accept a lower amount to cover your bills. If you have never been in a car accident before, it may be in your best interest to have an attorney ensure that you costs are covered and that you get the medical attention you deserve.

Our Car Accident Doctors can provide you with a free health exam that can help you decide which option is be best for you. Our initial consultation is always at no cost to you.

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