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Workers’ Compensation - Extent of Injury

workers comp doctorWere you injured at work and sent to a clinic the company recommended, only to see a physician who had no interest in your case, diagnosed you with an injury that does not match the symptoms you are experiencing and then told to go back to work with restrictions or worse, full duty? If this is what has happened to you, you may not be receiving the treatment you deserve for your work injury. If you feel your physician has not properly diagnosed your workers’ compensation injury it may not be too late to get your case fixed, call our San Antonio Workers’ Compensation Doctors today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Many workers’ compensation patients are misdiagnosed

Often patients are directed to high volume clinics that have agreements with the employer or insurance carrier in order to get the patient evaluated right away and diagnosed with the lowest possible injury. This favors the employer and the insurance carrier, but not the patient. In Workers’ Compensation the initial diagnosis of a case is crucial to the type and amount of care you will be entitled to receive. In Texas, you have the right to see any physician you want to see for your injury, especially when you first get injured on the job. However, if you are with a company that has an In-Network Policy (making your injury an In-Network Claim), you will be told that your care will only be paid for if you see a physician within their network. If you wish to see a physician outside of the employer’s insurance network you will often be required to pay for care out of your own pocket. While it will cost you some of your own money, it may be the best choice for your care because your initial visits will set the tone for the rest of treatment. Employers and insurance carriers may tell you cannot choose your own doctor because they want to send you to doctors they have favorable relationships with, but the pages of the Texas Department of Insurance state you can see your own doctor.

Selecting the best physician for your work injury

Seeing a physician of your choice, especially at the beginning of your care, may be the best choice you make for your case. Call us today to request a free consultation regarding your injury. We have physician in many workers’ compensation networks, and even if we do not have a physician in your network, we will ensure that you get the proper diagnosis for your injury from the start.

Our physicians can help you petition Extent of Injury workers’ compensation review

If you have already been seen by a physician who in your opinion has given you a diagnosis that does not accurately describe your symptoms, we may still be able to help you. We can petition for you to start a process in which your injuries can be re-evaluated by a state workers’ compensation Designated Doctor and have your diagnosis codes updated to match your injury so that you can get the care you deserve and are entitled to. This process is called Extent of Injury and the purpose is to get your correct injury or injuries recorded and added to your case. This is very important because it will determine the type of therapy and amount of care you can receive in order to get you back to pre-injury status. As an employee injured while performing your required duties, it is the responsibility of your employer and their insurance carrier to get you back to where you were before you got injured. If you feel that this is not being done and your treating physician is no longer helping you, you must act quickly. Workers’ Compensation injuries are time sensitive. Schedule a free consultation today with one of our San Antonio Workers’ Compensation Doctors or experts to review your case and ensure you are on the right track by calling us at 210-446-5115.

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