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San Antonio Slip and Fall Doctor

slip and fall doctorWe all slip and fall from time to time. While most slips don’t amount to any more than a bruise, others can lead to ongoing health problems. Something as simple as walking in a store and slipping on a wet surface or falling due to an obstruction can lead to a serious injury.

These slip and fall injuries can have long term and debilitating consequences, causing personal injuries that may involve trauma to extremities, head, neck or spinal cord. If you have been injured due to a slip and fall accident, schedule a visit with our doctors to evaluate and document your injuries.

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If you’ve had a slip or fall that is causing discomfort, we can help. Pain associated with slip and fall injuries are not immediately apparent. Sometimes the pain appears out of nowhere the day after your slip and fall. After this type of fall, you need medical attention and a full evaluation of your injury. If you wait or never go see a doctor after your slip and fall, you may increase your chances of having long term effects from the injury.

It is important to seek the advice of a doctor immediately after your slip and fall injury. Your injury needs to be documented by an accident doctor to preserve the integrity of your case. Slip and Fall accidents are common in department stores, grocery stores and restaurants and are generally caused by someone’s negligence. Often the negligent party will try and settle the case as soon as possible to avoid treatment and financial compensation. Before you accept any compensation for your slip and fall injury, seek the advice of a doctor to determine the extent of your injuries.

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San Antonio Pain & Injury Doctors offer a variety of treatment options to control or alleviate your pain including chiropractic services, medical massage therapy and more.

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Objective injury analysis, pain management and diagnostic techniques of your injuries can aid you on your road to live without pain. Your road to recovery begins here.

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San Antonio Pain & Injury Doctors offers a free consult of your worker's compensation injury, car accident injury or slip and falls where you sustained injuries.

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